WE offer you preparing of 3D models, STL files used for programming of all 3D printers and subsequently classical 2D digital drawings for your archive and/or internal use.


For making of model which will meet your requirements are of course necessary information from you. Important is the future sightlines of individual sides of the part. Its usage including the environment in which you plan to use its. Would you be interested to print it repeatedly in the future or is it prototype, which will be classically injected, cast, welded, machined and the like in the future? Each of these technologies has its limitation and this what's possible to print needn't be always possible to take out of the mould. 


Handing over of the digital 2D drawing in agreed form, for example in pdf, is a part of job. We will be very glad to offer and arrange subsequent serial production of such part (see reference Outsourcing), but we sure won't prevent, when you want to organize it alone.


Due to our capacities we don't offer an engineering of whale machines in this moment. But we gladly prepare a price offer for their complete production including assembling and transport (see reference Outsourcing).