Do you really thing you employ the best purchaser? And das he really has reliable, firs-rate and cheap suppliers? Or you aren’t interested to answer daily the question “Good Morning, how are you?” from a supplier and don’t get any info about the term of delivery? Are you already tired when he doesn’t understand that measure 15,1 is not 16 and that’s not enough? Or are the offers from suppliers just unreasonably expensive?


We offer you 15 years of experience with organizing of technical purchase of parts and groups. We work your parts out via project-management, address the mostly suitable suppliers across possible world. We will go through the technology with them and according the quantity and character of the parts we’ll organize their production in Europa, Turkey or let’s say in China.


The confirmed term is of course obligatory, the price final and about the agreed technical specification isn’t any discussion. We ensure the suppliers will not disturb you directly as well as getting them the necessary info only so your parts will stay yours.


For more info about our outsourcing you can look the sides of Outtech  International which is our part.